Suzy's Instagram 101 Creative Workshop

Suzy's Instagram 101 Creative Workshop

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When I started blogging/influencing I found a lot of "fluff" information on the Internet on how to get started, grow, and create quality content. I created this Workshop to dig deep and share real information that others have skimmed over. I focus on my personal creative process and cover the following topics: 

1. Getting started (equipment, cameras, computer programs, etc)

2. Creative Process (how I get inspiration, posing, props, captions and more)

3. Making Money- How I started making money, how much you should charge, how to grow it into a business)

4. How to apply the presets/create a cohesive feed/my editing process

5. Secrets to gaining a following

6. Anonymous Q&A answering YOUR questions!


Whether you are wanting to just have a creative outlet, or make this into a full-time gig this workshop will give helpful information, a new perspective, and a little insight into my creative process and how I try and stand out. A lot of this is stuff I have avoided answering on Instagram stories so that I could share it with you! 


Suzy Shattuck


One purchase per individual, these files are not to be shared or shown to anyone else. Distributing of files will be met with legal action. Thanks for your support! Tag me in your Instagram story while watching for the chance to be featured on my Instagram! 

XOXO, Suzy Shattuck