California Dreamin Mobile Presets Pack (mobile version of Suzy Signature Presets)

California Dreamin Mobile Presets Pack (mobile version of Suzy Signature Presets)

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I created these mobile presets so that you can create on-the-go! In this pack you will receive Suzy 1, Suzy 2 and Steven 1 in mobile form.

Make sure that you have the Lightroom app downloaded to use them! (It’s free)

1. Download files (save them to google drive, super easy if you have the google drive app!) (tap the three dots on the upper right corner and then click open in Lightroom)

2. You will then click the three dots in the right corner of the Lightroom app and click “copy settings”

3. Upload the photo you want to edit and simply click the three dots again to “paste settings” and you are done!

Every photo is different, I like to play with the warmth, exposure, and tone to get exactly what I like!

Head over to my presets highlight on Instagram for a video tutorial if you are still confused. @suzyshattuck on Instagram.

Sharing or distributing these presets will be met with legal action.

Make sure to #suzyshattuckpresets to be featured!

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Suzy 2- Similar tones to Suzy 1, with a little more contrast and depth. This helps deeper colors pop, and is great for indoor and outdoor photos. The light and airy Suzy 1, alternated with the rich tones of Suzy 2 make for a perfect duo to revamp your Instagram feed!

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Steven 1- This preset is Steven’s go to for his urban shots with more natural tones. This preset creates depth and drama and is great for deeper colors. 

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Speckles+Dust Overlay- This is what I use to create the texture on my photos. I love the vintage feel without compromising the quality of the photo. Upload this into Photoshop and drag over photo to apply. (can also be used in Photoshop app!)

 *** Speckles and Dust Overlay is a fun ad-on and only available for the first 72 hours after the launch and will then cost additional. (available until Monday June 4th 10 PM PST)